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HillsIP has been providing transcription services to the medical industry since 1996.  We have invested heavily in terms of time and resources, to develop the skill set needed to support of the services we offer. We work towards understanding these operations completely and then provide cost effective solutions.

Hand-held digital recorder. Digital recorders offer flexibility and have maximum mobility. Hills recommends Olympus digital recorders and provides HIPAA compliant server for secure uploading of the voice files.

Dedicated transcription team. When you work with Hills as your transcription partner, a dedicated transcription team will always be assigned to your work. This improves accuracy and efficiency, by ensuring that the team is highly knowledgeable about your processes and familiar with your physicians' vocabulary and nuances.

Multi-layered quality control. Our transcription team consists of transcriptionists, editors and quality control staff. With a range of functions in place, you can be sure that all your dictation is checked and re-checked for quality and formatting before it is sent to you.

Specific Doctor/Dictator Access. Separate user-id is provided for each and every dictator with separate folders for dictation and transcription files. This will enable every dictator has access to only their dictation and transcribed files.

Turnaround Time. Hills's recognizes that without a timely turnaround, there is little value in a transcription service, regardless of quality. Hills offers standard next-day turnaround of transcribed files. As a rule, files dictated by 8 PM (PST) will be returned the following morning as per the client's requirements.

Security HIPAA. Our servers are located in a facility that is managed by a trusted provider of secure and reliable data centers. All communications between Hills server and the client are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This is the same functionality used by banks for secure communication.

Customer Service. Hills staff are dedicated to handling all our clients' questions or concerns quickly and efficiently. With our quick turnaround time, high quality transcription along with sound managerial and operational expertise, we have been providing first-class medical transcription services across the range of specialties.


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